La Bonne Vie

The Grand America Hotel is a pinnacle of Salt Lake City’s downtown skyline.  The style, beauty and exquisite accommodations bring people from all over the world to The Grand America during their visit to Utah.

With the help of the local company Struck Axiom, the Grand America decided to renovate and revitalize the store, formally known as Sweets Shop,  into a European confectionery named La Bonne Vie–french for ‘the good life.’  Watts Architects was given the privilege of working on the renovation of this delightful shop.  The concept was to create a fresh, colorful and bright shop to go along with Struck Axiom’s newly designed packaging.

The majority of the architectural work in this project was in the design and layout of the high-gloss white cabinetry.  Each shelf is well lit with LED’s in order to give the exquisite chocolate and macaroon packages a dramatic display.

If admiring this new beautiful shop is not enough of a reason to visit La Bonne Vie, perhaps the delicious gelato, pastries, chocolate, or macaroons will be.