Your [DREAM] House

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.
— Winston Churchill

A day in the life of an architect is never the same, yet, it’s always the same. An architect is continuously working with different clients on different projects, but the process is quite similar from job to job.
Kevin had long recognized the similar cycle each job takes and decided there was an opportunity to educate people who were building homes or may build in the future. In the mid-nineties, Kevin wrote a book which taught it’s readers to plan and visualize their home in a way that was conducive to their way of life. While shuffling through some old boxes in our Salt Lake City office, the manuscript of the unpublished book was uncovered. Sixteen years after it was originally written, the foundation of the book is still relevant.
From time to time you will find exerpts of “Your House: Your Home and How You Live In It,” shared on the blog. Hope you find it interesting and helpful as you create your own home–whether it helps you with a remodeling project or a completely new start.
Each of us, no matter what our financial status, have fantasized about our dream house. Each of us bring the dynamics of tastes, needs, and background to the creative process of planning a dream house. The most exciting adventure begins when you have combined your personal dynamics with a home site and journey down the road to creating your dream house.
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