Water Features that Flow

The beauty, relaxation, and tranquility of flowing water is a great addition to the landscape of any home. Waterfalls or other water features can be used in a variety of ways. The Limekiln Gulch home, in Salt Lake City, has two great examples of water features that really liven up the whole aesthetic of the home.



In the hillside facing the front door, Distinctive Design of Salt Lake City built a beautiful creek which flows down the mountain side and pools next to the entry to the home.  Distinctive also built a walking path through the creek, complete with large boulder bridges and other natural elements.



At the back of the home, next to the swimming pool, there is a very different style of water feature.  A series of pools of black granite, full of black stones, add a beautiful touch to the custom home design. The water glistens as it cascades from pool to pool over the roughened granite edges.  At the edge of the pool, water gushes from a stainless steel edge, into the swimming pool.  In the evening hours, the stainless steel lip is lit with fluorescent LED lights.



What makes these two very different styles work in the same home? The architect Kevin Watts says the key is choosing a design that fits with the surroundings. The creek-like feature takes on the natural mountain surroundings: boulders, brush, logs, and a meandering path.   The swimming pool feature draws on the horizontal lines and clean polished look of the pool and home.

No matter the size or design, the right water feature could be a great addition to the feel of any home or yard.