The Motorcycle House

The owners of the beautiful house below wanted to work with a personal architect (us) to complete their expansion project because they really wanted to maintain the integrity of their property and the look of the original home (an 100 year-old English Tudor).

“From the outside we wanted the home to have a very tradition look,” one of the owners said. “But I also wanted a place to display my collection of motorcycles.”

You can see below how we were able to keep the traditional look of the home and create a display area in the garage for the owners toys (motorcycles) which were made between the 1930’s and 1970’s.

A high arched hallway.

A 1947 Indian Chief.

A 1937 Harley Davidson Knucklehead (the second year for this particular engine).

Prop used in the television series, Touched by an Angel. It hangs above the motorcycles.

One of the owners said his fascination with motorcylces lies in their craftsmanship. “They are more hardwork than hardware,” he said.

He does not have a favorite motorcycle because they each have a special story and design to share. During the summer, you can find him taking each bike out for a long ride.

The owners' dog sitting on top of one of the motorcycles with his Harley Davidson t-shirt on.