Salt Lake City Buildings We Admire: #1 The State Capitol Building

We thought it would be nice every once in a while to highlight buildings and architectural structures in Salt Lake City that we admire and inspire us. So, today we are pleased to highlight The Utah State Capitol Building. She’s truly a beauty!


To give you a little history, The Utah State Capitol Building was designed by Richard Karl August Kletting in 1912. He entered the design for the building into a contest with nine other contestants and his design won. Can you imagine how he felt after winning? Probably a bit overwhelmed and extremely excited.

The building is 404 feet long and 240 feet wide. There is 285 feet from the base of the building to the top of its dome. The entire building is similar in design to the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. Some of the building’s beauty and grandeur comes from the porticos, pediments and monumental columns and the rest comes from its absolutely gorgeous views. In addition, it has monumental free-standing columns on three of its sides. It should be noted that Kletting’s design was the only architectural plan that proposed having these monumental free-standing columns on three sides of the building. The other columns along the rest of the exterior are constructed of Utah granite taken from Little Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake County.

An interesting fact is that the dome is sometimes called Walterized Wren, and does bear a strong resemblemance to the dome of the U. S. Capitol designed by Thomas U. Walter.

What we admire about the building is that it rests on a raised, rusticated basement, has beautiful monumental flights of stairs which lead to doors recessed behind colossal Corinthian columned porticos. It is an absolutely breathing taking building and we appreciate that it is not overly decorated and has a more strictly Classical feel than Renaissance.

The Utah State Capitol Building is definitely one of our favorite buildings in Salt Lake City. We hope you have the opportunity to appreciate its majesty and gorgeous views.