Personal Architect vs Builder

Recently, we were asked why someone looking to build a home should hire a personal architect rather than a builder. This question made us laugh out loud because although we both build, there are several differences between what we do and what they do. Ultimately though, we feel it comes down to this: builders build houses while architects build homes.

Let us explain. When a client goes to meet with a builder, the builder will show the client what they have built before and say we can do this for you. This is excellent because the client knows exactly what they are going to get and that it “works” because it has been done before. However, that house was designed for someone else. It was not specifically designed for that individual client; it was not customized to meet that individual client’s needs, wants and preferences. In otherwords, it was not designed to be their home.

Personal architects on the other hand, specialize in and seek the needs and wants of the client. When a client meets with an architect (meaning us), the architect will ask that client a series of questions to get a feeling for their wants and needs. They will ask about the feeling the client wants to have present in each of the rooms of their home and what kind of landscaping they are looking to have.  After this, materials are suggested and discussed so that feeling can be achieved in each room of their home. Then any special projects and/or design work are planned, and the house plans are drawn up. This process takes longer than picking out a premade house plan, but the end result is a beautiful home rather than a beautiful house.

It’s just like chocolate chip cookies; all chocolate chip cookies are good. BUT, homemade are better (more satisfying and delicious) than their premade dough counterparts because more time, thought, energy and quality products go into them.

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