Master Bathroom Shower

Imagine showering in a luxurious master bathroom where all around you are beautiful scenic views. This is exactly the shower we designed for the owners of the Limekiln Gulch home (see below).

The owners of this home wanted to shower in a location where all around them were amazing views. They wanted to be as close to nature as possible without actually being in nature.

There are a lot of mirrors and refelctive materials in the bathroom as well to enhance the views. In addition, the faucets and hardware are all very minimal so the focus is on the surrounding views.

This was our first time building a shower where the glass panels would overlap one another and where there would be small gaps in the glass panels. We were not sure if water would splash out where the gaps were in the panels. To test it (before installing the glass), Kevin had people hold up the glass panels and made the project manager stand in the shower (with his clothes on of course). Then the project manager was sprayed by a hose to see how the water bounced and spayed on the shower’s glass panels. Luckily, everything worked out! Utah Style Magazine did a feature on this shower in their last issue (check it out here).

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