Limekiln Gulch Residence Finished!

When designing and building a home, it’s hard to nail down when the start and completion date were. Did it start when you purchased the land, when you saw the architect’s design for the first time, or when the concrete was poured? Was it finished when the paint was touched up, when you moved in, or when you finally planted that last tree?

For the owners of this new home, the process started about 5 years ago when they purchased a few acres in the northern foothills of the Salt Lake valley. In the years to follow, the amazing owners along with Watts Architects, Watts Enterprises, and countless subcontractors worked to make their dream home a reality; and oh what an incredibly stunning and unique reality it is!

The custom design of this home is unprecedented. Each detail was analyzed, redrawn, and perfected. The owner’s style and interests, coupled with Kevin Watts’ expertise in architecture, design, and building have created a home like none other.

Stay tuned as we share each distinct element of this world-class home with you!