Inspired Interior Wood Doors

We believe beauty lies in the details and want to highlight the beautiful details of our Limekiln Gulch home (check out more photos here). So get ready for a series of Limekiln Gulch detail posts that will highlight doors, showers, facuets and exterior stone. We hope these posts will inspire you in your own home design projects.

We will begin with the inspired interior doors.

These doors were made by Wavell-Huber. The hardware has a brushed stainless finish and was crafted by Inox and supplied by Il Bagno. The wood material on the doors are South American veneers, jequitba and bubinga pomeli (the decorative strips in the middle of the door). We selected the wood from from a place in Oakland, California, called Exotic Woods.

At first when we talked with the owners about adding some sort of pattern or trim to the 9′ interior doors none of the ideas really felt right. Then one night the owners were watching The Apprentice and noticed that the board room doors had a different kind of wood inlayed into its doors. They loved this look and phoned us the next day to share their inspiration. We suggested having bubinga pomeli (the decorative strips in the middle of the door) inlayed into the jequitba. They loved the idea and are pleased with the final product.

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