Altitude Design Summit: A Deep Well of Creativity

The Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake this year was incredible!

It was our second time in attendance and let’s just say it won’t be our last (and not just because the food was delicious and (GASP) we may be speaking at the conference next year). The presenters and the people we talked with were passionate, REALLY PASSIONATE. In addition, they were creative, hard working and had taken their creativity to market via blogging and social media.

It was amazing to see how social media allowed the people we conversed with to market and share their passions. We met Jasmine Star, who had attended law school and then decided her real passion was wedding photography. She is now one of the top 10 photographers in the United States. Check out her website and blog. Her success came in large part because of her use of social media. We also talked with Whitney, who started a blog about career life coaching and told us how important it is to find victory in the small things.

We heard from the founder of Pinterest, Ben Silverman. As we listened to him and heard the social media success stories of those around us, we were inspired, deeply uplifted and rejuvenated. We felt as if we were drinking from a deep well of creativity and that our eyes were being opened to a new world, a world where business success is the direct result of imagination, passion, hard work and social media.

We were reminded during the conference that there are no limits to creativity, that if you have a passion for something you can make a positive impact on the world around you by sharing it and that by sharing passions you can inspire others to unleash their own.

The conference helped us to realize that creative ability can take the form of many end results: beautiful hand-painted cards, exquisite cakes and elaborate embroidery. It can even take the form of a beautiful, custom-designed home (what we do). We may use different materials to express our creativity than those around us at the conference but we still are creating masterpieces. We just work with concrete, glass, stone and wood rather than paint and canvas, flour and sugar, or needle and thread.

We feel that this quote from William Blake sums up what we experienced at The Altitude Summit Conference, “Imagination is evidence of the divine, and the divine is the imagination of evidence.”

Thank you, Altitude Summit Conference, for allowing us to witness the divine and to be part of the energy, enthusiasm and creative thinking that went on at the conference. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and drinking deeply from the well again.