Adding a Home Theater or Media Room

A home theater, often called a media room, should be a warm space for family entertainment, as well as a secluded area that enhances a viewer’s experience. Home theater designs should extend beyond quality screens and excellent audio. An entertainment room has transformed into an interior design mainstay. Whether you desire a media room in your custom home or looking to add to a remodeling project; visual congruency between your home theater and the rest of your home is vital to maintaining design harmony throughout your space. We believe theater systems and media rooms should look good, even when the TV is not turned on.


Customizing a theater
The exciting part of adding a theater room to your home is the plethora of customizable options. Thanks to advanced technology and our extensive theater design experience, every aspect of your media room can be tailored to your individual needs. We work with each client to make their own individual integration of the movie theater experience into their own home.

The first step is to consider the viewing preferences of your family. What television system will best fit your needs? Will you need to be able to seat more than just your family? Will you be installing game consoles? Consult with your family members to discuss the purpose of the media room in your home. With your needs in mind, the home theater’s aesthetic design will carry out the practical function of this room.


The quality design of a home theater
The home theater has experienced an evolution of quality and design in great part to advances in entertainment technology. Television screens now align seamlessly with walls and speakers are now concealed in ceilings and even furniture. No longer do clients have to choose function over design, and we are thrilled.

Incorporating the system to suit your home’s look and feel can mean the difference between an eyesore of a room and an enjoyable space for gathering with friends and family. Comfortable chairs or sofas that recline, swivel, and allow the viewer to adjust are a few of the many popular seating options. Eco-friendly dimmers on the lighting systems, attractive wall designs or curtains for sound quality, and warm, non-distracting colors can help make your room design a success.


The cost of a home theater room
As with any addition to a home design, families should consult with one another about the budget regarding their home projects. We are happy to report that advances in technology have driven down prices of theater components–this has led to a constantly changing landscape when it comes to the expectations surrounding home theater pricing. It is important that clients research the brands they prefer; there are some inexpensive and mid-range options that provide exceptional value and performance. We will work with you in constructing a design and price point that reflects your expectations of this fun and exciting addition to your home.

Pictured: The home theater room of our Limekiln Gulch custom home in Salt Lake City, Utah. See more photos here.