About Watts Architects

We are an architectural firm founded by Kevin Watts offering over 40 years of experience to a variety of projects. We specialize in custom residential homes, but also design for other building types such as commercial office buildings, multi-family units and condominiums. Renovations and remodels are also among our services; we have projects ranging from residential homes to the interiors of world-class hotels.

The Watts Architects Office

We enjoy a holistic approach to home construction. Our collaborative concepts and professional completion services all derive from one source. Design and construction is entirely a personal experience for the client, and we believe this ensures total client satisfaction to which we are dedicated.

Meet Kevin Watts


Kevin Watts, the founder of Watts Architects, has been working as a professional architect for nearly 50 years. However, his passion for his work started when he was a young boy living in Sydney, Australia. After years of tracing designs on tissue paper, Kevin, barely 20-years old, left Australia to pursue an architectural degree in the United States of America.

In 1959, Kevin graduated from the University of California-Berkley with a Bachelor’s in Architecture Design. Kevin left UC Berkley with his wife, two young children, and a passion for architecture that led him to establish his own firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Watts Architects has continued to design and construct only the finest architecture since it’s inception. Seventy years has passed since Kevin began doodling buildings in his Australian home, and he continues to draw and design each day.

The relationship with the client is Kevin’s main focus of each project, no matter it’s scale. For Kevin, the energizing force of each project comes from client’s excitement to breathe life into their plans for the future. Kevin is inspired by his client’s ideas and visions, and works endlessly to fulfill every last detail of a design. As he listens to his clients, Kevin will begin to shape a design based on the personal experiences and preferences his clients share. Those who trust Kevin’s experience and unmatched skill are fascinated when all they had ever dreamed of comes to life in a design that is better than originally imagined.

Kevin currently resides in Holladay, Utah in the same home he and his family moved into in when they first arrived in Utah. He and his wife, Myrle, are proud to have raised six sons and a daughter in this same home, and now enjoy the pleasure of having their 28 grandchildren over to visit constantly. At Christmas time, Kevin creates illustrations to accompany his annual reading of a Christmas story. His grandchildren clamour at his feet to see the drawings and take them home as memories of another Christmas evening spent with Grandpa and Grandma Watts.

While family is the love of Kevin’s life, he has always been greatly involved in the Scouting and Young Men programs and remains a lifelong mentor to the many boys he has led over the years. Kevin, unaffected by his age, consistently travels with and instructs the youth to this day. Kevin’s hardworking, youthful personality has influenced many to aspire to lifelong goals and lead more inspired lives.